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Why the computer gives the message: USB device not recognized?

The operating system recognizes the device ID device category. The computer is a request for the issuance of such identity (who are you?) the device meets its number of identifiers that refers to the class, category and other data devices. System in its table, the device determines which communication Protocol (driver) is necessary to communicate with the device and how to display to the user (which icons to take, what to call it...).\r\n\r\Ptak here, if connections failed to identify device, system, and gives this message - "USB device not recognized". The reasons are many, they can be divided into groups:\r\n\r\n\r\neispravnosti physical connection - a bad contact, a total of too long wires to a USB device (including the cable length inside the system unit), interference.\r\neispravnosti the device does not work, does not comply with the data exchange Protocol is not designed for this operating system in General is faulty.\r\NIN the data table operating system there is no such identifier, which is issued by the device, and the device is either not offers to install its own driver, either the driver is inappropriate for this system format.\r\driver for the device, which is available in the system correctly recognizes the ID, connects and after a short test gives the system a signal that the device is not compatible, it fails the test or does not match the device group ID which it gives!
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