Do you have any methods of action in stressful situations?

For me, exams were always stressful, although I studied well and the exams never stopped.\r\n\r\pkac-I passed the exam in mathematics at the Institute. Answered all the questions of the ticket and the examiner began to ask an additional question:"Draw a coordinate system...". I took the pen (I had to draw two perpendicular lines) and depicted something like a wave or a sine wave. The teacher thought... and schedule to build not forced. Took a record book put it perfectly, and shook his head. In the audience was flying on wings.\r\n\r\potom I learned how to cope with anxiety. After watching the movie where Jane Fonda plays the spy, remember the moment. She sits at the table, on the floor lay two corpses, is a professional assassin "cleaner" to these bodies to remove. The killer looks at the spy and see to decide whether you like to shoot?. She understands, smiles and says looking at the dead, and then in the eyes of the killer: "I never get upset over nothing" and stays alive.\r\n\r\TL the phrase in critical moments and remember the excitement passes. You can remember something funny also helps.
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