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How to seal the junction of linoleum in a warm box ( breathes)?

The best option of all is a transition porazik, but there is one thing we need to know exactly where exactly is the bone of a warm floor that would not get the screw into it. \r\n\r\pcakge can seams to seal under the edges of the linoleum with one and with the other hand to apply glue,and press down across the length of something heavy that acted as glue out of the joint should be removed at once.Leave for 8-10 hours,the more the better.Glue, can be used in tubes of the type "Point."\r You then on top of the seam to glue and adapter nut,thin.And will not have to fear that the foot will bring down the edge of linoleum.\r\n\r\PSNet would certainly that linoleum and where is the seam on the aisle or to the side.Here type such, but for linoleum :
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