Is it true that with glasnost in the USSR for the first time, screens the blood flowed?

With the publicity in my opinion the screens it is so cruel that Hollywood has a rest.\r\n\r\bolshinstvo movie was shot like this - faster to kill. \r\n\r\PA about that told about the disasters, likely, told. \r\n\r\glasnost resulted in permissiveness. As black, garbage appeared on the screen that after a good Soviet films, it was such a contrast that did not seem enough. No wonder it is called the time of shock therapy. \r\n\r\pkto that glorifies this time, someone thinks it more harm than good. \r\n\r\poka benefit people from all this information that she gave to ordinary people, an open question. Came 90 years and the time of survival in the present. How many people lost in this time, are unable to settle down to new conditions, no one can say. \r\n\r\pesli information into something useful for the people opens the eyes, this one. And negative my only intimidates the person and does nothing. This is something that we need to forget and let go.
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