The Sphinx what is it?

Hello! This word has three meanings.\r\n\r\znaczenie the first of the myths.\r\n\r\Sphinx-a mythical creature from ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian myths. In Ancient Egypt-animal with the body of a lion and the head of a human, Falcon or RAM. In Ancient Greece-an animal with a female head, body and paws of a lion, wings of an eagle and tail of a bull, has a mind.\r\n\r\znaczenie second, the geographical.\r\n\r\egipetski the Great Sphinx. A huge sculpture carved out of solid rock in the form of the Sphinx from Egyptian mythology with a height of 72 meters.\r\n\r\znaczenie third, the modern biology.\r\n\r\Sphinx-modern breed of hairless cats, the result of fixation of mutations.\r\n\r\non the first photo-the Great Sphinx, the second cat of breed the Sphinx.
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