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What are the things a recruit can take from home to enlist in the army?

Keep in mind that the clothes that leaves a conscript in the army, it is not returned and not stored. So to wear something expensive makes no sense, within a week, worst case scenario, he will be given the full form of underwear and two towels. Take some warm clothes, as wearing them is simply forbidden by the Charter.\r\n\r\pitak has a small number of items, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste. All. The only thing you can wear inexpensive watches, in the army they need.\r\n\r\pbrt forks, spoons, knives makes no sense as to the place of service of the soup he will not pour. Powered suhpaykom. Canned food, sausage, chicken, eggs - all of it to distribution points. All perishable foods shall be withdrawn not to have food poisoning on the road. You can take apples and drinking water. It is enough to chew on the road. You can take a pen, a notebook and a couple of envelopes. Well, just in case, no alcohol for the road.
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