World Cup ski -2019 Ustyugov pushes Clabo. What happened? Where to look?

Very strange situation, which yet again underlines the fact that our athletes have no protection from such as Clabo. What happened? During the race, this is Clabo began to brazenly close the corridor Ustyugov, pushing him almost hands on a curb partition alignment. Then just took it and came Ustyugov in skiing, almost standing on skis Ustyugov in a horizontal position. Naturally Ustyugov with all these freaks from Klebo, lost time and its leading position. And Clabo quietly took the lead and crossed the finish line first. When the finish came Ustyugov, he immediately drove to Clabo, slightly pushing it at the same time, then something said to him and patted him on the face. The fight was not any. We have filed a protest to the actions of Klebo on the track, but he was rejected and slapped Ustyugov disqualification and cancellation of this race for unsportsmanlike conduct. But what worked on the track, Klebe, just ignored. Clabo, left untouched, that was supposed to expect. To see this video with the incident on the site sportboks or on other sports sites.
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