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What are adjectives to find a word for millstone?

The grindstone is hewn a stone circle with a hole inside, which is used for grinding grains into flour. The millstones at the mill work in pairs to RUB against each other and thereby make the grinding of grain. The millstone is a powerful stone grind a weapon, the words designating them were given the life phrase in a figurative sense - "millstones of history", "is millstones of destiny", hence two semantic range of adjectives combined with the word "millstone":\r\n\r\Melnichny, private, stone, granite, iron, top, bottom, heavy, small, large, small, double, enormous, huge, gigantic, good, slow, spinning, rotating, slow, rasping, raspy, tough rusty, cracked, gray, old, new, manual, stopped, worn; \r\n\r\besposhadniy, ruthless, bloody, Golden, invisible, God-like, monstrous, relentless, terrible, old, cruel, familiar, hell, revolutionary, dirty.
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