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What women today control the world?

Among those who run the world from behind the scenes - the beautiful half of humanity just yet.\r\n\r\psred those who work behind the scenes ukazivok conductor, promoter-laperuta ideology behind the scenes - presented by the samples in the packing and grooming, the beautiful half of the population.\r\n\r\n them - a dime a dozen. But the helm of world governance, they are not allowed. \r\n\r\pbud they are at the helm - a smart woman would never have allowed the thought to legalize the possibility of adoption by same-sex families.\r\n\r\page now there are States that withdraw children from normal parents and pass on the "education" gomoseksual "parents."\r\n\r\n right Shoko minorities is gaining momentum. \r\n\r\PA intelligent half of humanity and in a whisker does not blow.\r\n\r\pesli and on it goes, civilization will lead humanity to izbavlenie of mankind from the beautiful half of humanity.\r\n\r\kitaiski experience: "1 the family 1 of Ranok", led to a bride shortage.\r\n\r\londonski experience: "Dolly x 2" use, that bride for reproduction is not required.\r\n\r\inkubatory progressive and rational.\r\n\r\Pau..., intuitive half - shopping intuition suburbs.
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