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The number of prostitutes enters the field of view of the police?

About 10 per cent.\r\n\r\nThis honest obvious prostitutes, who did not hesitate to sell their bodies on the street or in their respective institutions, in exchange for money.\r\n\r\popadaet in the field of view, some of the girls escort, and the rest only on suspicion.\r\n\r\ppochti do not fall into the so-called home prostitutes meet men without going outside the chain of Dating clients.\r\n\r\n, of course, are not those involved in working in prostitution (sleeping with the boss or the relevant employees for the benefits, higher wages, benefits, promotions, etc.) and marital prostitution (marry for money income, for the birth of children, divorce and subsequent alimony payments) is a good disguise of ordinary women, by accident or desire, falling into bed with various men.
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