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How much radiation exposure if you fly a plane and why?

Passenger planes fly at an average altitude of 9000 meters above the Ground, can and above and for them it would be better. But the passengers would not be big trouble, already at an altitude of 9 kilometers, the radiation exposure is several times higher than on earth. Consider that if you flew an average duration of 4-6 hours, you were in the hospital for an x-ray. So if you fly often and fly your not long (there are 10 or even 16 hours without a transplant), then nothing will happen, but if often as pilots or flight attendants, then you can get sick It is not recommended to fly airplanes and pregnant women. Besides radiation, there is still a low atmospheric pressure, high-frequency radio radiation, and so-on, so no need to envy the "beautiful" life of the stewards and pilots are very harmful they work. Interestingly, the cockpit partially, once screened, the flight attendants in the passenger cabin remain practically is not protected.
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