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How to cope with troubled adolescents (see)?

Yeah well, parents... it is Assumed that the person emerging from adolescence are already not behaving like a teenager. And then dipped his head into the toilet. I would such parents sued, well, or my parents would have done so. No difference. \r\n\r\paper answer your question: how to defeat the troubled teen? \r\n\r\pdelo that the teenager is problematic on two reasons - he feels a lack of acceptance from peers or teachers, and he feels otsutstvie love from parents. The parents of this teenager needs to improve blagopoluchie teenager for both indicators, then the young will cease to be problematic. The fact that unlike the child, the teenager will not put up with bad attitudes, but unlike an adult, he still does not know how to respond to conflict situations (emotional pressure from the teachers, bullying by peers, dislike of parents).\r check this to help a teenager his parents need to understand where they have love child,and teachers need to stop bullying. \r\n\r\pesli the parents of the teenager themselves blagopoluchniy, he will have to cope with their difficulties - nothing can be done, not everyone is lucky with his parents... I would recommend this to a teenager to learn to behave correctly in conflict situations (behave calmly and confidently with the aggressor; not to be silent in communicating with him - aggressive (another type of troubled Teens along with rogue) teenagers are sensitive to fear and timidity and begin to behave more aggressively; do not hesitate to contact the police, when it comes to beating).
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