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What dishes of Russian cuisine worthy to be protected by UNESCO?

From the soups, I would highlight the daily soup , meat hodgepodge team and a hodgepodge..\r\n\r\posutochnye soup was simmered in the oven, and then carried into the cold. Sudden cooling made to sound all the components of the soup. And there are soup recommended in a day. \r\n\r\Palanca team meat-soup with meat or fish or mushroom broth.Add pickles or mushrooms or pickled cabbage gives it a sour-salty taste.In beef stew meat add different types of smoked sausages.\r\n\r\PNU and traditionally Russian summer soup okroshka. Chopped cucumbers, radish, eggs, sausage, potatoes but with two kvasok with sour cream. The ears will not drag.
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