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What will happen after death? Rebirth? The void?

Check it out. It is very safe for life will be tested. And even useful restores the nervous system. Go to a psychologist or psychotherapist or meeting and ask them to put You into a hypnotic deep sleep without dreams. After you Wake up remember the feeling before sleep and during sleep now. Before bedtime the feeling I had, during sleep, not even You, there was nothing and the void was not, because was not I that would take the void. This is all that will be after death have total most people. Nothing... not Even emptiness. And fear not, because there is no one to feel it. Nothing. Even if we assume that the soul is, there is no one to feel it full out. Nothing at all... Just as a candle goes out.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThis good experience, because there is nothing to fear. Death is not terrible at all.
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