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Why rice cereal stuck together?

Rice porridge,if You mean milk,and must be tough.\r\n\r\snachala wash rice well in several waters(to clean out muceli),then pour in the boiling water inches that were covered.The boil-reduce the heat to low(if only slightly seething).Begins to thicken,add the milk,knead one last time and cook through.More not to interfere.Enamel ware use undesirable.Better thick-walled aluminum or stainless steel,and even the pan deep.Will be a sticky mess,but not sticky.\r\n\r\pesli need to cook boiled rice,that can not be washed at first,but only cook in a large amount of water that would rice it was not crowded.\r\n\r\parite the pan for five liters.Water almost to the brim.The salt in the water and wait for boil much to the seething,and then lay the rice(three cups).\r\n\r\pochete to tech until once again begins to boil.Then reduce the heat to churning.Control readiness.Catch the moment,when the rice is almost dovarenny.And,further,remove from fire and washed with the use of a small colander.Leaked over the edge-flushed cold water.Merged again, again flushed and vymerli.So, three times.And then throws in a colander.In 10-15 minutes will drain.Even our Krasnodar rice will be fluffy,just to grease not sure.\r\n\r\Pris,of course it will be cold,well,duck plate next to warm up.All on the situation.
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