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What is new opened to scientists for 2018?

Science does not stand still. Every year new discoveries are being made in various fields of human knowledge. 2018 is no exception. You can name dozens of large and small discoveries, developments and technological solutions. We list the most important, which will enable humanity to step forward and raise the bar for new developments.\r\n\r\n\r\NIN the laboratory scientists have created a hybrid of sheep and humans, pigs and humans. On the basis of the obtained embryos developed the technique of growing human organs.\rpazdan DNA nanobots can kill cancer cells. Tests were run on mice, which was introduced human cancer cells. Nanobot - a robot disconnected from their source of blood and they died.\rpocenie Boston have discovered a way to rejuvenate cells through food additives in the molecule, responsible for survival. After the experiment, the elderly and the sick mice, their cells are rejuvenated and their health improved.
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