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Than the store to replace refrigerators that would sell sausages and bacon?

No such devices. If you are going to sell sausage, and milk should be put. Refrigerator still need. And freezer for meat, semi-finished products, etc. lots of Light loose, they are sufficient to turn on only at night. Such a product will go 100% especially if you put it under the nose of buyers. We are in his fish-grocery store added to the assortment of sausage six months ago. Showcase is also no, and not planned. There is a freezer and one refrigerator deaf. There is stored a supply of sausage. We traded her at the checkout area. People come to pay for the pasta and be tempted by the sausage. Vykladyvaem a little, sell added. Next to the sausage spread cheese, also sold well. Now these items ahead of the sales of fish and all the rest. Good trade!
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