As Zelensky managed to lead the ranking of candidates in presidents of Ukraine?

The reason there are two\r\n\r\n1.People bothered the hell out of Poroshenko with his Tomos,tourist bezveza and other Peremoga.In the real world the results of his reign are -civil \r\n\r\poina,the last place in terms of living and corruption in Europe,unaffordable tariffs,the collapse of all that is possible.Will vote though for a clown at least humanoid,but would not Poroshenko.Zelensky is no better Poroshenko ,and perhaps even worse ,but better to let the clown poseur errand and not always swollen and crumpled Poroshenko.\r\n\r\n2.Money.Sponsor Zelensky Kolomoisky ,who wants revenge for the desertion and humiliation from Poroshenko.So benny will not regret any money for Vova to throw Pete.All these ratings of the candidates utter bullshit.Depending on the recorded amount of draw, this rating,which is necessary for the customer.This happens once in five years and all these agencies spitting on the reputation hack loot is given.\r\n\r\Zelenski full zero,will win the election - the country behind Agostini will steer Kolomoisky and Vova to drive ,talk and APE,than he was engaged all his life.As the current Poroshenko ,talking head voiced the orders of the state Department.
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