Valeria Alekhina what is the biography, photos, instagram, height and weight, age?

Today (26.02.2019) Russian journalist Valeria Alekhina full 30 years. She was born on 14 may 1988 in one of the maternity hospitals of the city of Kaliningrad. In this city the future journalist received a secondary education and in 2005 graduated from the school of journalism and applied to the University, the faculty of Philology and journalism. A year later, she interned at local TV and radio company "Kaliningrad" and the management offered her a full-time correspondent. Because of this, Valerie had to leave fulltime University and transferred to the correspondence Department of the University of culture in St. Petersburg. In 2008, Valeria moved to St. Petersburg two years later successfully graduated. \r\n\r\rabotala on TV "St. Petersburg" and "Ren-TV", and in 2013 went to Moscow for a couple of weeks and there remained. In 2014 was invited to work at NTV and works there to this day. \r\n\r\PU Valeria Alekhina have a page in social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.\r\n\r\Valeria Alekhine during the story.
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