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What kind of coffee to buy to increase the pressure?

Sugar, preferably coarse. See how it works: the soluble will give a quick "arrival" and a rapid pressure drop. And You urgently want more and more, You will sit down and start drinking coffee continuously. And this is harmful. Ground will give a smooth "arrival" and a smooth decrease. The larger the grind, the smoother both. \r\n\r\postati exactly the same is valid for us and tea and tobacco,so cigarettes (small tobacco) quickly and firmly "hooked). \r\n\r\kupite any mainstream coffee at the supermarket, and cook it in Turku, hot spring coffee maker or coffee machine.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPS. In General low blood pressure - a consequence of the curvature of the back in the upper torso and neck, maybe it makes sense to think about the gym?
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