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What cities are considered and referred to as small, see?

Cities with population less than 50 thousand residents and are considered in the Russian Federation small towns, often they are not cities in the traditional meaning, and refer to rural settlements. So my friend who is a retired school teacher moved from the city of Millerovo (located on the North of the Rostov region) with a population of 35 thousand people in Taganrog with the population more than 250 thousand inhabitants and regional subordination and lost all perks that gave him teaching experience. So, if you want to move from a big city in small and is there to teach, first find out whether this small city to the countryside or not. And, according to the classification of the city are divided so: megacities, where the population of over 1 million people, the largest city of the Russian Federation-the population of 500 thousand inhabitants, the major cities of 250 to 500 thousand inhabitants, a large city-the population from 100 thousand to 250 thousand, the middle of the city from 50 to 100 thousand inhabitants, and small towns where there is less than 50 thousand people. All the cities now-February 2019 in Russia 1113 MB.
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