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Pensions will be inherited?

It is unlikely that the initiative of our members, where possible, inheritance of the pension insurance (which is insurance, not savings, and so the last legally inherited) will be approved and supported, and, especially, will come when some force: because in the proposal it is proposed to maintain pension payments to heirs for a certain time after the expiry of the period of survival (sounds figure 5) - this means that the FIU will have to find money not only to the living retired (which do not have - this, at least, explained the need of increasing the retirement age)but the heirs of deceased pensioners. In the words of Vladimir Vysotsky: "Where money, Zin?!".\r\n\r\PDA and the relevant Committee (for work and sivaprasad) has already given a proposal to reject this bill, saying that the constitutional court stated that\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\Ptak that, again, it is unlikely that this will happen. At least until we have a functioning pension system: workers pay for those who retired...
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