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Eugene Krylatov 85 years. In what movies the music of Evgeny Krylatov?

E. Krylatov has written music to over 50 films. The most famous of these songs for the movies: "the adventures of electronics", "Patrimony", "With favourite do not leave", "guest from the future" and many others.\r\n\r\Samimi recognized hits considered the song "Winged swing", "Beautiful far". \r\n\r\for from his co-authors, with whom he wrote his songs to popular films, is Yuri Entin. \r\n\r\plaidy time listening to songs that generation, wonder quality and professionalism. \r\n\r\psychas no such songs sung by generations. \r\n\r\poetomu thanks for the childhood E. Krylatova that we had songs of that Golden time that remain with us to this day.
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