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Why modern people are so dependent on their gadgets?

Because gadgets are firmly entrenched in their lives.\r\n\r\pved at the time, the people were asked similar questions.\r\n\r\pochemu people today depend so much on sticks and stones?\r\n\r\pochemu people today are so dependent on gold or money*\r\n\r\pochemu ... - dependent transport... from clean warm home...... phone and TV... from light bulbs on the ceiling...\r\n\r\potomu that this is also part of our life.\r\n\r\Palka helped to survive, the money allowed to develop trade, transport reduced the distance, a warm house gave facilities.\r\n\r\Ptak and gadget provided access to information that now is considered far more valuable than anything else.\r\n\r\pcto can give the same smartphone?\r\n\r\pozvolit without waiting to talk with someone from anywhere. To find the right address. to order the service (from taxis to pizza delivery). To give the opportunity to read books, watch videos, listen to music, read news, get help, work... cope with loneliness... take yourself...\r\n\r\konechno, it is possible to live without gadgets.\r but it would be difficult in modern society. It is self-imposed on myself a limitation. \r\n\r\nbut this dependence is not the same as of the drug. After all, you can do without it. As a cost without a phone, TV, no books. This is a convenience. Like a warm house. Like fresh tasty food. A soft bed. The shop around the corner. Car.
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