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As in the text to distinguish 0 (zero) and the letter O? What is different About zero?

The first difference, according to which the number "0" can be distinguished from the very similar "O" letters (uppercase (or lowercase) - lowercase letter "o" much less "growth" and number it to confuse hard) - this is the context: words used "O" and the numbers "0".\r\n\r\pesli consider the word admits in its composition both numbers and letters (for example, when writing the password), then the main difference will be the rounded forms of the letter (after all - SHE), at the time, as zero more elongated and lean (HE). Like this: O-0.\r\n\r\kstati, that this resemblance is often used by various scammers, inserting, for example, instead of a short number "900" (owned by Sberbank), the combination of "9ОО" - the expectation that an inattentive user will not pay attention to false room and perform some action, thinking that it was a message from Sberbank. Or in other similar accommodation options.
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