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As will punish the student when he broke 2 ribs the PE teacher?

Here we talking about the deliberate infliction of harm. In order to determine the degree of severity of the damage caused to health and to correctly qualify the actions of the student, the teacher needs to undergo a forensic examination. When determining the severity of the injury, the experts are guided by Rules of determination of severity of harm, the approved resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 17.08.2007 n 522. If injuries are classified as causing moderate damage to health, to prosecute the teenager will be under article 115 of the criminal code. Intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health is punishable under article 112 of the criminal code, for causing grievous bodily harm prosecuted under article 111 of the criminal code. In any case, the punishment will be determined by the court, as in the 11th grade teenager has probably already reached the age from which criminal liability under these articles.
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