Calling from different numbers many times a day, a wave of spam 2019: how to fight?

Basically I suggest to go through different polls,from organizations ,from companies, but mostly of course the scammers.Especially calls from medical centers,who mostly already know the numbers of pensioners and their names already have a base of numbers.\r\n\r\psweet and offer to be totally free examination,sometimes seniors still respond and travel to the centre,which after some simple procedures,even without tests, misleading them that they are very ill and need treatment,cheap of course.And get them to sign an agreement on provision of treatment services,and actually shoved the contract to the attorney for loans for large amounts.\r\n\r\pot so are still working and retirees and we go so far ,although many warn of the deception.\r\n\r\pcakge if you call and dump scammers, they wait until you call them back, and when you call back,it turns out that this room is paid with your balance withdraw a large sum for a call on the toll number.\r\n\r\govoryat you can make all the calls in blacklist,in addition to certain chosen,they always get through.
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