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What are the most well-known brands of the Soviet Union?

The most well-known brands of the Soviet Union:\r\n\r\pcase: Flight, dawn, agate, Amphibian, Seagull, Lightning, Rocket\r\n\r\papirosy: Kazbek, the white sea canal, Herzegovina Flor\r\n\r\magnitofona: Spring, Desna, Dnepr, IZH, Romantic, Jupiter, Yauza, the Note, the Seagull\r\n\r\confeti: Iris "KIS-KIS", Chocolate "Bear in the North", Chocolate "Alenka"\r\n\r\shokoladnaya factory "Russia"\r\n\r\photoapparat: Zenit, fed, Zorki, Smena, Amateur\r\n\r\vodka: Moscow, the Capital, stark\r\n\r\pagecolor: Chypre, Triple, Red Moscow\r\n\r\puchi: Red Moscow
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