What is the network of filling stations in Russia, the best in your opinion in February 2019?

Personally, I mainly guided when choosing a gas station to fuel quality and the location of the gas station, but the quality of service in this case is not so important to me.\r\n\r\pogo to say on his personal feelings about the fact that even in one of the network stations, but in different regions of the country, the quality of traded fuels, the quality of service varied considerably.\r\n\r\NIN the region you live in, I mostly refuel at gas stations "Bashneft", as my car works best on their gasoline, occasionally, when too lazy to make a special trip to the gas station or just on the way, refuel at gas stations "LUKOIL". At the gas station "LUKOIL" bonus program is better at filling stations Bashneft gasoline is always a little cheaper. \r\n\r\PPA outside of their region always prefer to refuel at gas stations Rosneft, feels like there is gasoline better and a little less fuel consumption.\r\n\r\NIN other gas station, never refueled.
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