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It was considered whether party workers state employees in the Soviet Union?

Of course it was considered.\r\n\r\pride of all, because of the non-partisan public service were not appointed, not promoted and are not accepted.\r\n\r\ploit to recall the fact that to become a member of the CPSU (Communist party of the Soviet Union) was not so simple.\r\n\r\avtomaticheski never happened, it was necessary to live in dignity and to work flawlessly, mostly.\r\n\r\PC also had quotas defined for the party.\r\n\r\map, one person intelligent profession, there must be two candidates of the proletariat in each district, or primary cell.\r\n\r\n this was strictly followed. A candidate member of the Party could be only a candidate for two or three years.\r\n\r\segodnja it looks real democracy, although "not all gold that glitters."
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