The second female billionaire in Russia. Who is she that known?

After Yelena Baturina, head of the Inteco Managemend (as 65 billion rubles), in second place is Elena Rybolovlev, a private investor, the state edition of "Forbes" estimated at 39 billion rubles. In 2015, Elena Rybolovleva, the result of the division of property in a divorce with billionaire Rybolovlev friend got 604 million dollars, they had long legal proceedings, the marriage was not registered, but under the settlement agreement in court she departed this amount of money and as a result, the companion Rybolovleva got second place in the selection of the most cash Russian (Russian) business-lady. On the third place while there is a comrade Natalia Fileva, head of group of companies C-7, Natalia behind Elena quite a bit, its condition is estimated around 600 million U.S. dollars.
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