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Is it safe Smoking without inhaling?

No, not safe. Maybe even more dangerous than Smoking in the smoke. For example, cigar Smoking is not inhaling into the lungs because the cigar is importantly no nicotine, and taste sensations from the smoke cigars. The cigar smoke if into the lungs, in very small quantities. It would seem to smoke cigars a lot safer than cigarettes. But there is danger on the other side. People who smoke cigars, are much more vulnerable to cancer of the mouth than those who smoke in the mouth does not stay and goes directly to the lungs.\r\n\r\psmsl Smoking is not to smoke only in Smoking cigars. From conventional cigarettes such effect to. And get cancer just because of a show-off, not getting fun, the height of stupidity.\r\n\r\nup to mention the fact that virtually all smokers would be happy to get rid of this habit.
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