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What is the new social initiatives of Vladimir Putin in the message from 20.02.2019?

I would like to get a concrete answer.\r\n\r\poetomu will list something that caught. \r\n\r\NIN part of the "social" was suggested- "More children, less taxes."\r\n\r\predlagaetsya to increase the amount of benefits to low-income families up to the level of 2.0 minimum subsistence levels for the child.\r\n\r\predusmotreny payment of 450 thousand rubles to pay off mortgages for families with three or more children. And most importantly , the source of the payment - not regional, and the Federal budget. That is, the local authorities will not be able to cancel due to lack of funds. \r\n\r\posobie for the care of children with disabilities to increase from 5 thousand to 10 thousand rubles.\r\n\r\snizit rate on the mortgage up to 9 and then to 8%.\r\n\r\ustanovit exemption on the mortgage for families with children, 6% for the entire period of the mortgage.\r\n\r\Prome tax-exempt fixed housing area add another 5 sq m per child, which should not be subject to estate tax.\r\n\r\povesti mortgage holiday in case of job loss or other force majeure situations.
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