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Does it make sense to start the service in CIT in 33 years?

What is SWAT? This Is A Special Group Of Fast Reaction! More precisely this is a special unit of local law enforcement! To protect and defend the rule of law, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens is not just what is there a whim but an urgent necessity and a civic duty of every citizen of his country and it is my personal belief! Here the author writes about the age... say the type would be foolish to look the part.. No! Not silly , because to be a real man and a true citizen, never was and never will be something ridiculous and shameful! \r\n\r\postavim the question differently... physical and mental data allow us to carry the load of both physical and moral, which will have necessarily to face during service in SWAT? If You think that You actually will cope with these loads,and Your moral qualities are of a good CITIZEN, feel free to go to serve in SWAT! Age has never been and will never be a hindrance to be responsible and moral citizen of the country! Besides .... age 32 years - the age of prosperity men - real men and actual life experience there is a special advantage , compared to other , younger fighters! So feel free to make a decision and good luck with your service for the good of the country and the people!\r\n\r\nThis is my personal opinion and it certainly can disagree with other people, but it is expressed directly and honestly.
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