Why have so many over 30 friends in contact since you are not writing to anyone?

Hello! Very familiar theme, which also mislead me.\r but now I understand why everyone has 100-200 friends. In-the first, it does not friends, most is friends, friends. Secondly, the social network has ceased to include only the function of communication, because in addition to sending SMS, the user can play games, create groups of interest or actively participate in them, to advertise their services, listen to music and watch videos! Just so much that time to communicate only with family members or good friends. And third, although many put this item in the first place, like! The number of classes, likes, reposts, and so on. clearly not are in last place. To increase their number, and their popularity and need a lot of people in the "Friends"tab.\r\n\r\nup worry due to the fact that people do not communicate with their friends and acquaintances, because it took all day!
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