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How to combine personal life and friendships?

I understand that you think how not to lose old friends when you come changes in his personal life. People always have the need to communicate, and usually friends of the person appears before a man meets the love. In the bachelor life of the man himself, at its discretion, communicate with friends and spends time with them. A few friends are real friends. If you have come changes in his personal life, you should talk about this with your real friends, they will understand that now you are not so often as before will be able to see each other and spend time together. But with real friends in some day off to spend time together, to communicate, to make some common cause, if any, and with a partner to mark your return home and to take care of joint plans with a partner on a new weekends. Those friends who do not like the fact that you will be less likely to see each other, let them go their own ways from you. And real friends you can invite to your wedding. \r\n\r\pesli man and woman together for a long time been friends, but he chose to have a personal life with another woman, it will be more difficult to maintain a friendship than male friendship, on the one hand to discuss something important with the other hand so as not to cause jealousy in the lady.
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