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Pull the sale of oil (petroleum products),gasand the Russian economy from crisis?

Any sale of oil, gas, water, forests and other natural resources to the enemy for nothing worsens the position of Russia in the economy and in politics. It also is the means of robbery of the population because natural resources is a national state and every citizen has the right to receive compensation for selling its oil. To pull the economy out of the crisis required a completely different strategy. The first is to become a closed system and to learn how to produce meals. We have a lot of land and we are quite able to feed themselves and even their enemy. But to feed the enemy, we fail. But in the presence of excess we can supply the conditions that the feed will only be in exchange for technology. Further possible technologies to learn at home, to build factories, to actively develop the industry. To sell to the enemy only makes sense the final product. For example, the Soviet Union had sold the aircraft and electronics. Also need to nip theft in the Bud. It is also necessary to nationalize the strategically important objects. Export of raw materials should be a legislative ban on export or high customs fees, which such exports will make disadvantage.
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