If the 65G steel for making knives?

Not understand the question. For the manufacture of knife will fit even ordinary Steel 45. Even with rebar knife do. It is important not material, although it is also important, and the correct heat treatment, which may consist of multiple processes.\r\n\r\nTo bringing you a knife? You to fence it gathered in the circus to cut through nails or sausage for a snack planed? This is also important.\r\n\r\п65Г this spring-spring steel. It is quite suitable. Again, with proper heat treatment. But completely without heat treatment of the same blade will work. Bread cut or once to stab someone. But forged knives are traditionally considered to be better cut out of sheet steel. \r\n\r\very good knives out of steel shkh15, this steel is still used for rolling elements in bearings (balls and rollers).
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