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100 to 1. That is not sinking (interactive game)?

In the interactive game "100 to 1" - is invited to discuss, that is not sinking. It would seem that water is a liquid in which to drown, that nothing can stay on the surface of the water, an - no, those things are available and it is: \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\answery are:\r\n\r\n\r\DEREVO, otherwise it would not be the first of rafts, boats and ships. The answer is worth 40 points.\r\Penoplast. The answer is worth 80 points.\r\PMac. The solution to this problem we once knew from childhood, having learned a poem Agnes Barto about the weeping Tanya, whose ball was in the water. The answer gaining 120 points.\rplaid. The response earns 160 points.\r\pryba, water is the habitat of the fish. For the answer you can get 200 points.\rpfeilii. For the answer we get 240 points. Scientists have studied that the buoyancy of this product of human life is approximately 6 hours, until the whole substance, consisting of three structures: solid, liquid and gas, saturated with water and all the pores in the poop filled water.
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