A beautician can remove black mole or go to the oncologist? Why?

A lot depends on the moles.\r\n\r\NIN principle, black moles beauticians perfectly removed, but for some reason prefer not to freeze creosote, and radioroom to burn. At least when I wanted the creosote, I was advised of radiono.\r\n\r\price: depends on the size of moles, is the local anesthesia, cut away the area around it.\r\n\r\potom give a reminder to care for this place, all recommendations must be strictly performed, otherwise instead of moles to get an ugly scar, and I after two weeks visit or call to find out the result of histology. Histology clinic has to do for all entities of a certain size (the exact amount can not remember).\r but if you are already in appearance of a mole cosmetologist something embarrassing, remove it will not send to the oncologist.\r\n\r\pesli itself nevus longtime (from childhood or from birth), you will not bother, did not change dramatically in size over the past time, in color, does not hurt, not bleeding, not itchy and does not manifest itself, it is easier to go to the beautician, the main specialist to choose the right (at least find out if they do the histology). He is still without a consultation and examination to remove not be.
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