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Kizel and Kyzyl is one and the same city? Why not?

Kizel and Kyzyl those are two completely different cities. Kizel is located in the Perm region and is located in the foothills of the Middle Urals on the river-Kizel in 244 kilometers from the regional center-the city of Perm. The town is small, its population is 15.5 million inhabitants. Founded in 1750, was granted city status in 1926. Its historical peak population of Kizel reached in 1959, then lived there nearly 61 thousand citizens. On the first of January, 2018 the city of Kizel of the population took place among the 794 1113 cities in the Russian Federation. And the city of Kyzyl, the capital of the Republic of Tuva, located in southern Siberia at the confluence of the Big and Small Yenisei. Kyzyl average size, its population in 2018 reached its historical maximum of 117 thousand inhabitants and continues to grow. On the first of January 2018 Kyzyl ranked 144 in population among 1113 cities of Russia. Most of the residents of Kyzyl Tuva, Russian make up 28 percent of the total number of citizens.
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