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What is known about the start of the Israeli Beresheet Rover in 2019?

Project Rover Beresheet was developed by a private company for mezhdugorodnego the SpaceIl Lunar X PRIZE competition, organized by Google. The contest was cancelled, but development decided not to turn. \r\n\r\pbudget of the project is small by the standards of COSMODRONE, only $ 95 million, funding received from various sources, including from private tycoons. Therefore, from a direct launch to the moon was abandoned(too expensive). Instead, the Rover will place the "companion" to commercial satellites, which will orbit the carrier rocket Falcon 9 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in the United States. After the launch of the Rover will make two orbits around the Earth to disperse and head to the moon. Because of the indirect flight all the way will take about two months. \r\n\r\nazvati his Rover, because to walk on the moon, he will not. Its task is to sit down, to transmit to Earth pictures of the Lunar surface and launch a machine that measures the magnetic field of the moon. \r\n\r\osnovna funkcija run is not scientific, and educational. In SpaceIl believes that this will spur interest in komomo and exact Sciences among young people. This also produced in small educational videos for schools with the story about this project.
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