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Hooligans 2 on Friday. Who dropped out of the project in the 7th issue February 21, 2019?

Show the Bullies will soon come to an end, yesterday was shown a seventh of its release, and it became known who left the project.\r\n\r\pistoria Anastasia and Vitaly yelensky on the project finished, they left the show twenty first of February 2019.\r\n\r\phota in the final of this couple have won the wedding date, but they did not help, because there all waiting for the vote.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\pemu twenty-nine years, and Nastia twenty-three years. Couples come to show to man has changed and become a decent family man who will not drink or hands.\r\n\r\n soon will be clear who in the new season will indeed change and will receive the Grand prize.
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