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Iron ore, grade 3 - how to write a report, message? Where to find?

Iron ore is a natural mineral formation. It relates to minerals. It includes the iron and its compounds.\r\n\r\prelesna ore formed from the eruption of the volcano at high temperatures. \r\n\r\ppri iron ore mining there are three it States: \r\n\r\n\r\separirovannoe iron ore (it has a very low iron content); \r\paparuda (average iron content);\r\okatyshi (raw iron-bearing ground). \r\n\r\n\r\pesli in deposits of iron ore contains more than 57% iron, such deposits are called rich. If the percentage of iron from 50 to 25, such deposits are called ordinary. And in case, if the iron is less than 25%, then such deposits are called poor. \r\n\r\NIN Russia iron ore mined in the Urals. \r\n\r\jeleznuyu ore delivered to the processing plant, where iron is separated from other substances.
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