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What new actors will appear in the series Sklifosovsky in the new season of 2019?

As in previous seasons , in season 7 there are many new actors. Some of them briefly , such as patients,their relatives,neighbors,friends, and many other cameo characters. But there are new actors of the main.So a new neurosurgeon Alexander Polyakov in the Department of Marina. It is played by Gosha Kutsenko. Appears a young Intern Anatoly olenikov, which leads to the clinic of his father, the big chief of the Ministry of health. Guy is an idealist with ambition and a great need to get rid of the rigid tutelage of his father. Anatoly plays Ilya Rogov (his film debut), father-officer Igor Gordin.\r\n\r\poyavlyaetsa new young and very lively nurse in Milan. Masha plays her Dunaevskaya . Appears Asya -Elizabeth Piaskowska.Well ,Nicole Pliev , who plays Tamara, the daughter Bragina, like appeared in the 6th season, chief medical officer Elena D. (Anna Talyzina). Actors playing small roles and episodes, list probably makes no sense.
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