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Why does the engine oil smell like gasoline?

The very first sign of getting gasoline into the engine crankcase-a tear in the diaphragm fuel pump on gasoline engines. Corrected with replacement of the diaphragm or the pump.\r\n\r\PV injection engines, most likely the fault injector, "injector SCIT"- that is not atomising the diesel, as expected for the mixture of air and peeing stream. In the end, gasoline is not miscible (not time) with air and partially penetrates through the rings and piston into the crankcase.\r\n\r\drank malfunction of the spark. To check which is very simple. With the engine running, put the end of the wire is fixed at one end on the ground, to the center pole of the high voltage wire, no matter the spark or the distributor. Breakdown(spark) 5-10 mm says about the health of the candle, the less the worse. This simple way checked for spark and continuity at different speeds. A simple way to check the candle not twisting, just no.
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