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Should I buy a guitar, if you can`t play?

I am old already. In his youth, having heard bawdy songs in the hands of a skilled guitarist, I just fell in love with the guitar and about anything else and could not think. But the school guitar I was unavailable. When I was obituray in College, a buddy showed me the basic chords. First on seven. It played my idol Vladimir Vysotsky. I bought a simple seven and stomped on it all day. But it was tlo, there are only 6 basic chords. But the main thing - the fight. Especially eight, which Vysotsky sang a lot of songs. Then I heard the Beatles for the first time, especially in MVTU of Bauman performed by children from the English club. They played in the Boxing ring, I stood there jamming a fish and learned the chords of songs. I bought my first German six-string Musimu. Then played in a student ensemble at electrodance. Remember the name - Elana. I advise you, now so many kinds of guitars. Buy simple, for practicing chords. This - if for yourself. Well, for the music school - it is necessary to first learn. There are already guitarists are professional musicians. This is my personal opinion.
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