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Why are some couples love each other but never say?

I agree with le soir that the word is empty.\r\n\r\pokazat - love, how to forgive, to sneeze.\r\n\r\NIN the old days said does not love, and regret.\r\n\r\pokazati just love, but to confirm these words with actions is not so easy.\r\n\r\pinache would not be so much divorce.\r\n\r\plesko called living near pussy, Bunny or a fish - you can go through the whole zoo, the entire fauna and flora, but that people closer will not.\r\n\r\plumet is to sympathize, empathize, making human life better, easier, more comfortable, translating into current understanding.\r\n\r\preswe can make life easier for a loved one, telling him I love and calling it a Bunny or a cat?\r a kitty wants to relax after work, to eat, and the fish needs the understanding and basic assistance for the household, the upbringing of children.\r\n\r\lubovi in the family is a light touch, embrace, kiss, knowing look, time supported.\r\n\r\nnote that simple - what are the words?
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