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After how many years of marriage really are crises?

All certainly individually, but mainly because our relationship with the opposite sex is still "chemistry" and "physics", as well as the hormonal system, which works on the same scenario over hundreds of thousands of years.\r\n\r\poetomu the main years into the marriage, when there is a crisis occur : 1 year after the engagement, after 3 years through 5 years (usually this is the time when a woman comes out of the decree), 7 years ( got used Druk other, tired, tired of the domestic routine), using 13-14-15 years of marriage (most problematic period, as at this time the "midlife crisis" in addition), and finally the turn at 20-25 years of marriage (kids grown and gone - and the parents get bored...).\r but not every family can observe such crises, as the most wise and loving - try to smooth out all the sharp corners on the way to mutual happiness!
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