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What is the orthoepic norm of a language?

Orthoepy - the private section of linguistics, the study of any particular language, considering the rules of correct pronunciation on it. These rules develop gradually and vary from generation to generation. Ortos - in Greek, correct, and epos - it. In the Russian language in the literary pronunciation was allocated to St. Petersburg and Moscow, senior and Junior rules. Modern Russian pronunciation was taken from the southern dialects in the field of vocalism (vowel) Akane, that is, neutralization in unstressed position the opposition of O and A ([.] rather than [head], as it was in Vologda. And in the field of consonantism won the Northern blast, but not southern and Western slit. Are there any differences in the pronunciation of the woods and a Fox. This can be found in lectures and books, in particular, the President of St. Petersburg University, doctor of Philology, Professor Lyudmila Alekseevna Verbitskaya.
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